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Kaderimin Oyunu

Kaderimin Oyunu – Asiye (Oyku Karayel) is a young and beautiful woman who has been raising her children by herself. When she gives birth to her second child, she becomes all alone. Her husband Cemal (Akin Akinozu) abandons them due to financial problems and never comes back. Asiye does her best to raise her daughter Nergis (Iraz Akcam) and her son Ugur. Even though she works so hard, she cannot provide a decent life for her family. However, she never complains and tries to be very strong for the sake of her children.

Serial: Kaderimin Oyunu

Title in English:

Genre: Drama, Romance

Actors: Salih Bademci, Gokce Bahadir

Director: Zeynep Gunay Tan, Seren Yuce

Duration: 120 minutes

Quality: HD


IMDb: 8

Status: Completed