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Cam Tavanlar

Cam Tavanlar – Leyla (Bensu Soral) is a hardworking, detailed oriented, and beautiful young girl who has achieved everything in life through her hard work and effort. After becoming an orphan when she was 8 years old, she has been raised by her school teacher. After then, she always studies hard and does her best to become successful. Leyla finishes her undergraduate education successfully in 3 years. On her last semester at university, she bumps into Cem (Kubilay Aka) out of pure coincidence. While Leyla tries to increase her extracurricular activities in order to improve her CV, she comes across Cem.

Serial: Cam Tavanlar

Title in English:

Genre: Romance, Drama

Actors: Devrim Ozkan, Deniz Baysal

Director: Senol Sonmez

Duration: 130-140 minutes

Quality: HD


IMDb: 6

Status: Completed